Update from Brisbane, Australia

17 November 2008

Well, we finally made it to Brisbane and we are now settling Whisper into her slip in the Scarborough marina. She will stay here until she sells, or until we move her on to wherever we live next. With the world economy slowing and the AU$ exchange rate slipping against our US$ price, there is a good chance we will end up keeping Whisper as a very nice daysailer!

We picked up our rental car today and did some re-provisioning to carry us through the holidays, but tomorrow we start scheduling some of the work we need to do on the boat. This week we’ll focus on preparing the boat for sale and next week we’ll start our job search.

We have an American friend visiting us in Brisbane over the Thanksgiving holiday and will look forward to visiting some friends in Sydney over the Christmas holidays. We hope to get back to work first thing in the new year — somewhere in the world!

Right now, we are looking at possible opportunities in the San Francisco Bay area, Sydney Australia, and Auckland New Zealand. Until we get a better sense of our work prospects, we’re not quite sure where we will end up living. The good news is that our skills seem to be in demand down-under, so if the economy is struggling back home in the USA, we can still live somewhere fun and find some interesting work.

That’s about all for now. After it sinks in that two days ago might have been the last time we’ll ever sail on Whisper, I’ll write an update on how it feels to be wrapping up our cruising lifestyle.

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