Back in San Francisco

Well, we are back in the San Francisco bay area and getting somewhat settled. We have a short-term furnished apartment rented in San Francisco, a hybrid rental car, and we are on the hunt for gainful employment.

The apartment is just south of Market near South Beach and on the 23rd floor of the new residential tower. The view is spectacular, and the building amenities are very nice. The apartment includes a very nice private gym with a lap pool. It’s nice to have this a 30 second elevator-ride away–no excuses not to go work out.

We’ve got our our home office(s) set-up now, including high-speed Internet via a cable modem! Sweet… We feel “connected” again.

Both Robin and I are pursuing our short-list of companies in the hope we’ll find some interesting, fun, and challenging work sometime in the next month or so. We have some excellent leads, but have no idea how things will evolve.

Once we land these great jobs, we’ll get a better idea of where we might want to live long term. Wherever we end up, our objective is minimum commute time (by car). A stress-free train ride or quick bicycle ride is just fine.

When we’re not working on our job search, we’re catching up with friends, reconnecting with work colleagues, learning some new technology stuff, and researching the cool companies we might want to work for.

We’re also spending a little cash to help stimulate the economy. We needed a few items to get established again. You know, clothes, shoes, a Bose 3-2-1 home theater system. The new iPhones are just too cool. We also needed a stock-up on some new movies and music. The iTunes Store folks must love me.

There are also some great restaurants nearby to sample, and we always keep an eye out for fun stuff to do in and around the City. I could get used to this city-living. Life is good…

NOTE: For friends that usually keep up with (or contact) us via Sail Whisper or our blogs, please come join us on Facebook!


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