Back to Work!

It’s been a wild ride for past couple of months. After some whirlwind interviews in March and a great match-made, I snagged a great business analyst role at Atlassian.

Atlassian is a very successful privately-held software company based in Sydney but with an office here in San Francisco. I spent three of my last five weeks in Sydney — meeting my new team and getting up to speed on the products, internal systems, and the business model. I’ve been climbing a steep learning-curve but I’m just now starting to make a positive contribution.

Atlassian formed 7-years ago with a great product and a smart strategy to achieve a global-reach. Their flagship product is JIRA, a great browser-based “issue tracker” (issue/bug/feature/task/project tracking & management) solution. Atlassian expanded their product suite with “Confluence” the leading Enterprise Wiki, then introduced a suite of developer tools which are now used by thousands of software developers world-wide.

Atlassian has offices in Sydney, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and recently Gdansk. My boss and the rest of my internal systems team are located in Sydney, but I’m working primarily with the internal marketing, sales, and support folks here in San Francisco. The company has a great energy, culture, and attitude and it feels great to be a part of it. Bottom line? It feels great to be back to work — and especially for such a cool company!


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