and Sail Whisper blog retire

16 November 2014

Friends of Whisper,

As the annual renewal for came due, we had a look at the traffic stats and our annual spend on hosting and decided it was time to retire sailwhisper.

In 2001, when we started we didn’t have wordpress, so this hand-crafted html/php site served as the main blog and photo-sharing album of our trip. As blog and social media technologies progressed, they rendered our self-hosted blog/website obsolete as we (along with the rest of the world) made the quick transition.

I looked around for solutions that would allow us to migrate an old website to wordpress or other free hosting service but didn’t find anything (simple, fast, & free).  So in the end, we decided it was a good time to close it down. I’m sure Fischer Panda generators is happy about that decision — our page describing our ongoing six years of FP-generator misery is (was) ranked #4 on Google!

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 11.14.35 AM


Ah the memories…

November 2014 month marks the 10-year anniversary of our arrival in Opua, Bay of Islands, New Zealand — after two years in Mexico and a wonderful summer of 2004 cruising the South Pacific –French Polynesia, Niue, Palmerston, and Tonga. Then exploring New Zealand’s beautiful south island, followed by three years living-aboard Whisper (while working) in Auckland — all while enjoying the awesome coastal cruising around Northland New Zealand, Great Barrier Island and the Hauraki Gulf. So good.

We added Fiji and New Caledonia in 2008, but never quite found the time to add Australia and the end of our trip. It is now the end of 2014 and time to say goodnight to that awesome 7+ year chapter of our cruising life. We can always have a look at our locally-saved version of sailwhisper if we get the urge to reminisce.

Back in the real-world now, we’re still enjoying our work/life here in San Francisco while dreaming-up next adventures. We’ll see you out there.